How to Practice Hygiene and Facilitate Yourself When You Have a Complete Bed Rest

To Practice Hygiene and Facilitate Yourself When You Have a Complete Bed Rest, you have to Use a lot of old news papers and tissue papers to stop your skin and bed sheets being wet or bloated by the natural organic substances coming out of your body, especially you brush your teeth or secre. Besides, Clean your private parts with an old but clean cotton cloth after soaking it in water mixed with right amount of any antiseptic liquid, do this at least every time after secretion. In addition, Stick a panty liner. Other than that, Use water free hand sanitizer to clean up your hands. If the period of bed rest is longer, you need to use dry shampoo to clean your hair. Moreover, Use hair oil every day before combing your hair to avoid excessive hair fall. Furthermore, Sponge yourself with someone’s help by putting correct amount of antiseptic liquid in hot water. Otherwise, Cut your finger nails properly and wash your hands with soap at least once a day. The mixture of water and antibacterial liquid may demoisturize your skin, so you must apply moisturizer after sponging. Apart from that, Always keep a dust bean with a lid under your bed in a way you can reach. Additionally, Ask your attendant to change your bed sheets and pillow covers at most alternative days. Then, Keep a leather sheet under your bed sheets to prevent the bed getting dirty.