How to Evaluate the Needs of a Senior

To Evaluate the Needs of a Senior, you have to Observe daily living and note any significant changes that may need to be addressed with your senior loved one. After that, List possible needs for assistive technology that offers improved mobility, in addition to hearing and vision assistance. Then, Evaluate health for physical and mental changes. Next, Suggest group activities or therapy after the loss of a spouse. Forth, Note changes in the way business is handled. Last, Record specific information when visiting your elder family member in a nursing facility.

How to Improve Incontinence

To Improve Incontinence, you have to Treat the urinary incontinence medicinally. Besides, Try to treat incontinence physically by utilizing vaginal weights. In addition, Perform Kegel exercises. Other than that, Pace yourself. Moreover, Devote anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to a regimen of physical treatments for incontinence before expecting to see a change in urine leakage. Furthermore, Seek immediate medical specialist attention in severe cases of incontinence.

How to Feed an Elderly Relative in the Hospital

To Feed an Elderly Relative in the Hospital, you have to Find out if the elderly relative has any dietary restrictions. After that, Decide what food is safe to bring your elderly relative. Then, Help your relative to sit comfortably. Next, Reassure your relative. Forth, Assess your relative. After that, Check in with your elderly relative every once in a while to find out if they’ve had enough. Remember to Be kind, respectful and loving.

How to Choose a Good Nursing Home

To Choose a Good Nursing Home, you have to Go on the internet or use your phone book and find five nursing homes close to you. After that, Call the homes and make arrangements for a tour of the facility. Then, Write out a list of your questions regarding the level of care of your loved one. Upon entering the facility, you need to note your first impressions. Next, Note how you are received by the reception staff. Forth, Ask for an information package on the facility. After that, Be aware of surroundings, Residents, family members, staff, odors, sounds. Then, Notice the atmosphere on the units. Last, Look at the floor in the corners; look at the walls, under beds at the furnishings.

How to Become an Elder Care Consultant

To Become an Elder Care Consultant, you have to Volunteer in a hospital or nursing home. After that, Seek an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing, counseling, social work or geriatric care. Then, Spend approximately 2 to 5 years working in elder care. Next, Consider getting a master’s degree in geriatric care management. Forth, Look for work as a geriatric care manager. After that, Get a professional membership with the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (NAPGCM). Then, Start your own elder care consulting practice.

How to Help a Depressed Elderly Relative

To Help a Depressed Elderly Relative, you have to Research. Besides, Listen. Then, Tell the person suffering from depression that you’ve noticed that they seem down or depressed lately. Next, Find out why your relative is depressed. After that, Try to understand. Forth, Don’t tell your elderly relative that life is still worth living and that this situation will improve and the sadness will get better. Then, Be patient. You need to Advise them to seek professional help. Remember that it is a disease. The best thing I heard during one depression period was from a friend who sincerely and said “Man, I feel so bad for you.” That was it. That simple phrase.

How to Hire a Caretaker for an Elderly Parent

To Hire a Caretaker for an Elderly Parent, you have to do Drug testing. After that, remember that Being “bonded” means almost nothing. Then, do Background checks. Next, do Educational and licensing background check. Keep in mind that Requiring and checking up on references can help you find someone who is kind, patient and well trained. Then, Use nanny cams to monitor treatment. After that, Have paperwork for them to fill out. Next, Listen to your gut. Forth, Provide your parents with a landline phone beside their bed or where they normally are so they can call the Emergency Services if need be. After that, Continue drug testing and using cameras to ensure your parents’ are being well cared for. If you do find a good caretaker, you should pay them fairly and provide them with a reasonable schedule so that you are being fair and operating within the law. Last, Inquire with your parents doctors as to what level of training your caretaker needs in order to care for your parents.