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How to understand Pap Smears

To understand Pap Smears, you have to Learn why the pap smear is necessary. After that, Understand who needs to receive a pap smear. Then, Be aware of what abnormal results could mean for your health.

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How to Prepare for the Pap Smear

To Prepare for the Pap Smear, you have to ensure your appointment won’t coincide with your period. After that, Avoid doing anything that will interfere with the results of the pap smear. Then, Remember to empty your bladder before you go to your appointment. Next, Be prepared to undress from the waist down.

How to treat Asthma

To treat Asthma, you have to Take preventative medications. After that, Have a medication for short-term relief of asthma flare-ups. Then, Receive immunotherapy for triggering allergens as needed. Next, Keep a journal to identify triggers.

How to Assess Signs and Symptoms of Asthma

To Assess Signs and Symptoms of Asthma, you have to Assess the nature of your shortness of breath. After that, Tell your doctor if you are experiencing wheezing. Then, Take note of things that trigger your respiratory problems.

How to Dispute a Hospital Bill

To Dispute a Hospital Bill, you have to Hold onto all of your bills. After that, review your bills. Then, Find out how much your insurer will cover. Next, Research the fair price of each procedure. Forth, Think about paying with cash. After that, Call the hospital. Then, Write a dispute letter. Next, Think about hiring an advocate. Forth, Negotiate with the hospital. After that, Negotiate directly with the doctor. Then, Ask about financial assistance. Last, Use the threat of bankruptcy.

How to Investigate Further Pulmonary Dyspnea

To Investigate Further Pulmonary Dyspnea, you have to Receive an ECG (electrocardiogram). After that, Get a V/Q (ventilation-perfusion) scan. Then, Receive an echocardiogram. Next, Have a CT scan. Forth, Opt for a “stress test.” Last, Follow through with further investigations and treatment as needed.

How to Differentiate Between Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya

To Differentiate Between Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya, you have to Understand that the diseases are carried by different types of mosquitoes. After that, Recognize that the infectious agents are different as well. Then, Notice the differences in incubation periods. Next, Pay attention to differences in symptoms. Last, Get different diagnostic tests to differentiate the three diseases.