Long-Term Solutions to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes Without Plastic Surgery

First, you have to Manage your allergies. Besides, Treat your skin more gently. You need to Avoid rubbing your eyes during the day that can irritate them. You must Invest in a good makeup remover and always remove your makeup every night before you go to sleep because the chemicals or remaining traces of it can cause eye irritation and swelling. Once you wash your face, you should do it gently and pat your skin softly with a towel to dry it. Don’t scrub surface of your face dry with the towel. You can Wash your face twice per day – morning and evening – and apply moisturizers under your eyes thoroughly. Remember that The skin under your eyes is very fragile and must be treated with care to avoid eye bags. In addition, Visit a dermatologist. It is available procedures available to treat eye bags that don’t involve surgery including Laser therapy, injectable skin fillers, chemical peels and botox injections. They are all options that your dermatologist may give along with more information and an extensive evaluation.

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